Clean road mobility: what role for lightweighting technologies?

On Wednesday 24 January, MEP Dieter-Lebrecht Koch, Chair of the “Transport” Working Group and Vice-Chair of the EP Committee on “Transport and Tourism” will host the event:  Clean road mobility: what role for lightweighting technologies? in the European Parliament.

Average CO2 output from new cars and vans should fall by 30% by 2030 from 2021 according to a proposal to accelerate the transition to low- and zero-emission vehicles, presented by the European Commission in November 2017. The proposal also aims at boosting the production of electric and other clean vehicles through an incentive mechanism.

Lightweighting technologies are one of the most cost-efficient ways of improving the fuel efficiency of vehicles, no matter what type of propulsion it has. A lighter vehicle consumes less energy and will therefore consume less fuel or electricity, which is positive both for the environment and consumers.

This event will enable an open discussion on how the regulation can be designed to make the best use of lightweigthing technologies and accelerate the transition to a low emission mobility by 2030. Industry and consumer organisations will present their reaction to the EU Commission proposal and exchange on how to further boost lighter, low- and zero emission vehicles.

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