Michel Dantin

EPP, AGRI/ENVI Committees


  • Raise awareness on the monitoring of bee mortality which is a multi-factorial issue;
  • Raise awareness about the specific role of apiculture and beekeepers in the conservation of biodiversity for all agricultural sectors, for the European economy and for Europeans’ health;
  • Encourage research, expertise and innovation to ensure better bee and pollinator health and to develop sustainable agricultural models;
  • Clearly establish the link between policies impacting the beekeeping sector, the honey market and the consequences on pollination and biodiversity conservation;
  • Promote dialogue to try and develop common solutions for bee mortality between all involved actors – beekeepers, farmers, industries, scientists, EU policy-makers;
  • Encourage the enhancement of  EU surveillance systems on bee mortality;
  • Promote exchange of best practices between Member States and promote coordination of National policies and programmes especially in cross-border regions;
  • Monitor the effects of the new CAP on the beekeeping sector and on bee health;
  • Follow-up on the discussion on the effects of the EU restriction on the use of certain neonicotinoid pesticides;
  • Keep apiculture and bee health high on the EU agenda, through the organization of the European Week of Bees and Pollinators.