Fredrick Federley- as of July 2017



  • Promoting the concept of circular economy.
  • Working towards a common understanding regarding a more sustainable use (and re-use) of plastics.
  • Raising awareness about microplastics and its effect on the environment.
  • Continuing to promote the development of renewable energy.
  • Finding common ground between science, enterprise and politics regarding these issues.


“What is the main goal you would like to achieve as Vice-Chair of the EP Intergroup on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development?”

My main goal as Vice-Chair will be to work for policies promoting the concept of a circular economy: decreasing unnecessary waste, recycling/reusing a larger amount of our natural resources and in overall reshaping the European economy towards lower CO2 emissions and less resource waste. Europe must retain its global leadership when it comes to environmental issues. I want to create opportunities for these issues to be properly discussed and for them to get the attention they deserve.

“If you had to choose one specific issue that you think needs to be primarily tackled during this parliamentary term, what would it be? And why?”

There are many environmental issues that require our immediate attention, such as antibiotic resistance, dangers to marine life, bee mortality, high levels of cadmium and other dangerous substances in foodstuff, and more. However, one of the most urgent issues in order to fulfil our climate commitments is to reshape the European energy sector and waste management in a more sustainable direction, combining a thriving economy with a sustainable and green development.