Morten Helveg Petersen

ALDE, ITRE/LIBE Committees Vice-Chair of the ITRE Committee


  • Align energy, climate and competitiveness strategies to support the transition to a low-carbon society:
  • Stimulate discussions on the Energy & Climate 2030 package (including long-term ETS market reform)
  • Review the Energy Efficiency Directive
  • Implementation of the energy infrastructure priorities for 2020 and beyond
  • Stimulate the EU renewable energy sector as a key sector for the green economy
  • Promote the deployment of energy storage as an indispensable instrument to deliver services to, and improve the flexibility of, the European energy system
  • Financing of Carbon Capture Storage projects
  • Promote a genuine level playing field in the European electricity market, which also includes a gradual phase-out of subsidies to the fossil fuel sector
  • Discuss the policy framework for shale gas exploration and extraction
  • Promote use of resource efficient materials for the energy and construction sectors
  • Implementation of the Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD) and its forthcoming revision
Dieter-Lebrecht KOCH

Dieter-Lebrecht Koch

EPP, TRAN/EMPL Committees Vice-Chair of the TRAN Committee


  • Support the development of the European transport system:
  • Promote the development of an intelligent, safe, sustainable and clean transport system in Europe – improve urban mobility, improve air quality and citizens’ quality of life an safety
  • Implementation of the Smart Cities Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP)
  • Follow the new Air Quality Package
  • Promote the effective reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the car fleet and support policy initiatives facilitating the uptake of electric vehicles