Maurice PONGA

Maurice Ponga

EPP, DEVE Committee


  • Raise political awareness on the critical importance of EU Outermost Regions (ORs) and Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) for the successful implementation of the European and national biodiversity strategy
  • Address the importance of these territories in terms of biodiversity richness and highlight the assets and opportunities to the EU
  • Address the critical importance of ecosystem services for the local economies and population and address the issue of vulnerability of these territories to climate change
  • Promote innovative models of development
  • Promote ORs and OCTs actions and best practices
  • Promote security of energy supply through optimised use of indigenous energy sources
  • Promote the development of renewable energy
  • Provide a platform for dialogue between the ORs and OCTs and the EU institutions
  • Promote regional cooperation between ORs and OCTs and between ORs, OCTs and neighbouring countries and reflect on regional cooperation tools and funds available for the EU Overseas
  • Reflect on EU programming and promote an integrated approach of European funds and synergies
  • Sustain the BEST preparatory action – Voluntary scheme for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Territories of European overseas – through the creation of a dedicated financial mechanism more easily accessible for local actors
  • Highlight the important marine dimension of the ORs and OCTs and their key role in Ocean Governance


“What is the main goal you would like to achieve as Vice-Chair of the EP Intergroup on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development?”

My priority as Chair of the “Islands and Overseas Entities” working group is to raise awareness at the European level on the assets and specificities of the EU’s Outermost Regions (ORs) and Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs). Undeniably, the European Overseas Entities are often unknown; this issue being dear to my heart as French MEP elected in New Caledonia, I wish to give an insight about these regions and territories to my colleagues in the European Parliament, as well as to officials in the European Commission and other European entities.

“If you had to choose one specific issue that you think needs to be primarily tackled during this parliamentary term, what would it be? And why?”

I think it is important within the context of this new mandate to ensure that European Overseas Entities are taken into account in the current reflexions about adaptation to climate change, biodiversity protection and the new sustainable development agenda. 2015 is an important year at the international level. Indeed, several international gatherings will take place, such as the Conference on Financing for Development in Addis Ababa, the UN Summit on the SDGs in New York, the CoP21 in Paris. It is therefore essential to ensure that the European ORs and OCTs actively participate in the debates and contribute to the efforts for the creation and promotion of global sustainable development.