Maria da Graça Carvalho

EPP, ITRE Committee
  • What is the main goal you would like to achieve as Co-Chair of the Ocean Governance Working Group?
    “As Co-Chair of the Ocean Governance Working Group, my main goal is to promote an independent debate bringing together all relevant stakeholders to share their knowledge and understanding of the ocean and resources it provides – such as food, energy and transport; and outline research and innovation priorities towards a sustainable Blue Economy, considering environmental concerns and need to urgently mitigate the associated threats.”
  • If you had to choose one specific issue that you think needs to be primarily tackled during this parliamentary term, what would it be? And why?
    The EU should become an effective leader in ocean governance by setting the good example when it comes to protecting the seas and implementing a more holistic approach to ocean protection: EU institutions, Member States, civil society and other stakeholders have to work closely to ensure progress during the next years.

Catherine Chabaud

Renew, DEVE Committe