New Co-Chairs of the Working Group on Sustainable Forest Management (SFM)

It is with pleasure to introduce our 2 new Co-Chairs of the Working Group on Sustainable Forest Management (SFM)!

Ms. Jytte Guteland (S&D) is an MEP from Sweden and Member of ENVI. While SFM is a key topic within Ms. Guteland’s agenda, she stated that “I look forward to contributing to informed discussions on the latest scientific findings and best ways forward for how Europe can harness the potential of forests – our green gold to meet our future climate and energy challenges”. According to Ms. Guteland there is “a huge potential in how sustainable forestry can contribute to the European bioeconomy and help Europe in the transition to a more sustainable and decarbonised society.”

Mr. Herbert Dorfmann (EPP), MEP from Italy, has a significant experience as Member of  AGRI and substitute in ENVI. As a result, he can provide the Working Group with a much-needed holistic approach to SFM. On the above, Mr. Dorfmann said: “I would like to contribute to a successful and sustainable forestry sector in Europe. In my opinion, the forestry sector is only sustainable if it is able to fulfil various missions such as the provision of wood, the contribution to a better civil protection, water balance and air quality and its use as a recreational environment.”

Read more about their key priorities here!

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