Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

On Wednesday 29 November Michel Dantin MEP and Chair of the “Water& Agriculture” Working Group, together with Peter Liese MEP will host the entitled event: Pharmaceuticals in the Environment.

The Priority Substances Directive adopted by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU in 2013, requires the European Commission to develop a strategic approach to pollution of water by pharmaceutical substances by September 2015. After some delay, the European Commission will shortly launch the public consultation on the strategic approach, gathering the views from citizens, public authorities and stakeholders.

In this meeting of the ‘Agriculture and Water Management’ working group we will learn more about the ongoing internal work of the European Commission and we will bring all relevant stakeholders together, from industry and civil society, to discuss the developments at EU and national level, taking into account the two complementary dimensions: the environmental protection perspective as well as the protection of public health.

The debate aims to provide food for thought in the context of the upcoming reviews of the Water Framework Directive and the Priority Substances Directive starting in 2018.

Link to event page.

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