Re-manufacturing & re-conditioning: Tackling end-of-life to foster Circular Economy

Fredrick Federley MEP and Chair of the “Circular Economy and Raw Materials” Working Group will host the event: Re-manufacturing & re-conditioning: Tackling end-of-life to foster Circular Economy in the European Parliament.

In only a few years, the concept of circular economy has become mainstreamed. It is hardly surprising as it responds to the most pressing challenges of the 21st century, by providing optimized resource management and CO2 emission reduction as well as job creation.  The question is not whether to advance on the circular path, but how to do so.

As policy makers are now setting the regulatory framework for enabling the transition to a circular model, it is time to identify concrete solutions to make it happen. Remanufacturing and reconditioning, which increase the lifetime of products by rebuilding and repairing them, are one of the most tangible and promising routes. Many industries including automotive, electronics, medical equipment and furniture are already engaged in remanufacturing and reconditioning. However, although the US has already developed the largest remanufacturing industry in the world, it is still underused in Europe.

This event will bring representatives around the table from the European Parliament, Commission, Industry and Representatives of the Civil Society to identify barriers and suggest key actions to support remanufacturing and reconditioning.

Link to event page. 

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