Water Governance across Europe

On the 1st of February, Michel Dantin MEP and Chair of the “Agriculture and Water Management” working group is hosting the event entitled “Water Governance across Europe – In light of the Review of the EU Water Framework Directive

The Water Framework Directive is EU’s forefront legislative instrument to protect European water resources. However, the achievement of the “good status” for EU waters as laid down in the WFD lags behind. To understand implementation gaps, the issue of governance is a key aspect to look at. The correct and full implementation of policy measures is closely linked to the proper distribution of roles and responsibilities among stakeholders at all levels. The amount of resources available for each actor is another key element. The regulatory framework defines such issues of governance.

Within the context of WFD’s review by the European Commission in 2019, the topic of water governance will be an important aspect to look at, in order to improve the implementation of European water policies.

This debate-meeting will gather representatives of the European institutions, International organizations, local authorities and the civil society, and will be the opportunity to discuss the main issues related to water governance at European level, to propose solutions and to address challenges such as climate change and water security.

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