Juozas Olekas

S&D | AGRI Committee

Ulrike Müller

Renew | AGRI Committee, Sub Member ENVI Committee

Sarah Wiener

Greens/EFA | AGRI Committee, Sub Member ENVI Committee
  • What is the main goal you would like to achieve as Co-Chair of the Sustainable Agriculture, Food Systems & Apiculture Working Group?
    “Given my long years of experience as cook and entrepreneur, my main goal is to really start the transition process of our current agri-food system towards more local, resilient and diverse food systems, that operate within the planetary boundaries. I strongly believe that through agro-ecological intensification and the creation of local food supply chains, farmers, animals and the environment will all have a bright future. This work includes a focus on healthy soils, clean water and air, highest animal welfare standards and sustainable rural development for lively rural areas where farmers, farm workers and consumers work and live together well.”


  • If you had to choose one specific issue that you think needs to be primarily tackled during this parliamentary term, what would it be? And why?
    “Like in nature, everything is interlinked and connected to each other. Therefore I don’t want to cherry-pick one legislation or specific issue, but the transformation of the whole food supply chain itself is the focus of my work in this parliamentary term.”

Frédérique Ries

Renew | ENVI Committee