Online event: COLLECTORS final conference: what policies to make waste management shift toward circular economy?

17 November 2020, from 9:30 to 13:00



You are kindly invited to save the date for the final conference of COLLECTORS, a European-funded, Horizon 2020 project. The event will be the opportunity to wrap-up three years of exchanging successful practices as a key element for local and regional authorities to make waste collection system shift towards circular economy strategies.

Why attend this event?

The main objective is to present and discuss the main findings of the project to EU institutions and EU-based federations, especially the policy recommendations, focusing on several key-topics representing the main issues at stake such as how to ensure high quality recycling, or how to reach high local performances while keeping reasonable costs. The conference will also include testimonies from local players sharing their challenges, and practical experiences from the local case studies analysed by the project. Emphasis will be put on open discussions with the various stakeholders of the recycling value chain and with the audience.

The main outputs

The COLLECTORS project collected available information on European waste collection systems, that is presented in its web-based platform. It also conducted in-depth analyses of 12 case studies reflecting different types of contexts, and will propose comprehensive guidelines targeting local authorities, as well as policy recommendations to improve the European and national frameworks so that they can promote effective local collection systems enabling high-quality recycling.



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