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The Intergroup offers a multi-stakeholder platform of discussion on sustainable development issues in the European Parliament


Bees caring for Europeans. Europeans caring for bees?

14/6. Since 2012, the European Week of Bees and Pollinators takes place annually in the European Parliament offering the opportunity for representatives of the European institutions, national institutions, of the beekeeping sector, farmers, NGOs, Scientifics from all fields related to bees and biodiversity stakeholders to meet to exchange views, discuss …


Managing Forests for Sustainable Wood

26/5 Europe’s forests contribute to solutions for many of today’s challenges, such as establishing and fostering bioeconomy, strengthening the rural sector, mitigating climate change as well as maintaining and enhancing biodiversity. EU’s forests cover 40 percent of the land, producing the largest amount of renewable non-food resources. Sustainably produced wood …


New Tools for Farming in the Circular Economy

26/5. As the world’s population continues to grow, it will become increasingly important to meet rising food demand in a sustainable way – using less resources and with fewer impacts on the environment. One of the most important policy objectives in the coming years will be to ensure that farmers …


The Value of Biodiversity for Agriculture

Policy-makers, Member States, the private sector, civil society, and other stakeholders were brought together by MEP Angélique Delahaye on the 4th of May in the European Parliament, Brussels to discuss the value of biodiversity for agriculture focusing on how to support biodiversity while supporting the agricultural sector. Angélique Delahaye MEP …

water tap

The Need for Long-Term Investments in the Water Sector

The European Parliament welcomed representatives working in the domain of water to discuss the importance of ensuring long-term investments in the sector and how they can best be materialised. It was stressed that investing in water is essential for sustainable growth also highlighting the complexity of ensuring the best use …


Poachers or Protectors? Local Communities at the Frontline of Conservation

The European Parliament welcomed high-level experts in the domain of wildlife conservation to discuss the role of local communities in wildlife management. The experts, primarily members of the Collaborative Partnership on Sustainable Wildlife Management (CPW), highlighted that legal and sustainable wildlife trade can support wildlife conservation and contribute to sustainable …