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The Intergroup offers a multi-stakeholder platform of discussion on sustainable development issues in the European Parliament


MPAs: Between the MSFD and the CFP – How to strike the right balance?

European marine areas and coastal zones require good governance to balance environmental protection with social and economic needs. Among the tools, policies and instruments the EU and its Member States can use to protect marine waters (e.g. Marine Protected Areas – MPAs) are two closely interlinked directives; On the one …


The Value of Biodiversity in the Agri-Food Chain

As the world population continues to grow, and global food demand rises as a consequence, food production depends largely on biodiversity and on the services provided by eco-systems. To maintain these resources and to meet future challenges in terms of food security, actions are needed to ensure that biodiversity is …


Bees caring for Europeans. Europeans caring for Bees?

Since 2012, the European Week of Bees and Pollination takes place annually in the European Parliament offering the opportunity for representatives of the European institutions, national institutions, the beekeeping sector, farmers, animal health specialists, NGOs, scientists, and industry from fields related to bees and biodiversity to meet to exchange views, …


New Tools for Farming in the Circular Economy

Policy-makers and stakeholders gathered in the European Parliament to discuss the recently updated Fertilisers Regulation underlining that the creation of a single market is crucial in order to provide businesses and farmers with the variety of tools needed to achieve a circular economy. Jan Huitema MEP chaired on the 26th …


Managing Forests for Sustainable Wood

Key policy-makers, forest owners, forest industry representatives, and experts from the environmental and nature conservation sector were gathered in the European Parliament by MEP Elisabeth Köstinger and MEP Miapetra Kumpula-Natri at the breakfast meeting entitled “Managing Forests for Sustainable Wood”to discuss the role of sustainable management of EU’s forests in …


The Value of Biodiversity for Agriculture

Policy-makers, Member States, the private sector, civil society, and other stakeholders were brought together by MEP Angélique Delahaye on the 4th of May in the European Parliament, Brussels to discuss the value of biodiversity for agriculture focusing on how to support biodiversity while supporting the agricultural sector. Angélique Delahaye MEP …