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A Wealth of Integrated Ocean Assessments – what do they tell us and what should we do with them?


This event aimed at critically examining the strengths and short-comings of these new assessments and information sources, and determining how they can be used collectively to advance the dialogue on marine biodiversity, its conservation and sustainable use. This knowledge Café, was well attended, and participants had many constructive ideas for using the existing assessments as a foundation for improving marine conservation and management, and for more efficient collaboration in future efforts. This half-day session brought together participants in preparing many of those assessments and information repositories, along with potential users of such information in marine governance. Short panel presentations on the contents of the different assessments and information sources were complemented by similar presentations on the information needs of those involved in delivering the marine components of the SDGs, the Aichi Biodiversity targets, and similar commitments to conservation and use of ocean resources.  These set the stage for an extended dialogue among all the information providers and information users with regard to how best to use the available information, and how best to serve the needs of the potential users. These may facilitate planning for implementing the SDG 14 and ocean aspects of other SDGs, for evaluating achievements under the Aichi Biodiversity targets for the ocean, and ensuring effective consideration of the ocean in the first IPBES global assessment and the 6th IPCC Assessment report.


04 Sep 2016


8:30 am - 10:30 am